Hello everyone, welcome to my very first blog post.
My name is Annamari, and in the future I hope to write about all things book-related. My favourite genre is YA/NA, but I read all kinds of other stuff too, depending on what mood I’m in. I’ve been reading many different book blogs, always looking for recommendations on what to read next, and I think I’ve reached the point where I want to put my own opinions out there.
At first I want to see if I can even maintain a regular blog, and won’t even dream of actually entertaining anyone. This is all new to me and it’ll be a while before I really get the hang of it. Let’s face it, there’s a pretty good chance no one’s ever going to read my very first post, and I’m wasting time here trying to come up with something witty or interesting to write that will instantly win everyone over and convince to come back. But that’s okay. Popularity really isn’t the point here. My main goal is to finally show my appreciation for books and authors who get me through each day.
And if in time, I become part of a community that loves to read as much as I do, that’s okay too.



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