Book haul #1

So, I’ve never done a book haul before and not sure this is going to be a recurring thing on the blog but finally went book shopping today after what feels like forever, and just had to share. I’m not this sophisticated all the time in my reading (I wish) but classics are ridiculously cheap in English (if you can actually find them) in Budapest and you can usually buy 4-5 for the price of one contemporary title so I got some long overdue ones I haven’t read in any language yet.  I know people usually do book hauls with pictures of the actual copies they bought but my phone doesn’t feel like cooperating at the moment so I hunted down the covers online and here they are:

The merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare:


This one is crazy famous and way overdue for me, also not completely tragic so hoping to get to it soon.

Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare:


Have to admit, I have never heard of this particular Shakespeare play until today when I spotted it in the 50% off pile in the store but I just couldn’t leave it there. I mean, it was practically free and I’m weak. Can you blame me? Probably should have read the synopsis first though? The introduction starts like this: “Timon of Athens is the bitterest and most negative of all Shakespeare’s tragedies.” Sounds like fun, right? Anyone read this? Just how tragic is it? Should I save it for an already depressing day?

To the lighthouse by Virginia Woolf:


I know all about Virginia Woolf’s tragic life and death but her writing is completely uncharted territory for me so I have no expectations here. Will read more, if I like this one.

The Karamazov brothers by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Wordsworth classics):


Saved the best for last! 🙂 Can’t speak for anyone else but I was the one science nerd in high school who loved Russian literature and actually wanted more instead of less, so it’s past time I read this one. Also, most of my classic reading was done in Hungarian so far and I’m very curious how translating a non-English book into English works. I know for a fact a sloppy translation can pretty much ruin a book (don’t get me started on the awfulness of today’s fantasy book translations) but I doubt that will be the case here.

Side note: can I just swoon over these covers for a second? They aren’t as flashy as YA book covers are these days (no need to draw you in with a pretty cover I guess) but they are just so pretty and old-fashioned and did I mention pretty? I LOVE them.

P.S.: Does anyone want to ‘listen’ to me rant about fantasy book translations, like ever? Not a discussion post, just me ranting. No? Probably a good idea. I could go on all day. Seriously, there’s a reason I read them in English.
P.P.S.: Does anyone want a review of any of these books? I was planning on reviewing the occasional classic/non-fiction title but not necessarily these. Does anyone want to read any of these books? Would a review be helpful?


One thought on “Book haul #1

  1. Wow, great choice! Answering your question, I’ve read all of this, except for Timon of Athens. I’ve read a lot of plays by Shakespeare, but haven’t heard anything about this one…
    P.s.: Happy to find your blog. I’m a “science nerd” too) and I’m also grumpy about translations, that’s why I read in the original every time I can.

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