New releases #3: March 2014

The following list DOESN’T feature all March YA releases. These are ONLY the ones I find interesting and possibly want to read.

2014/03/04 The winner’s curse by Marie Rutkoski: do I even need to say anything about this one? Is there anyone in the blogosphere who doesn’t want to read it?

2014/03/04 Panic by Lauren Oliver: my most recent WoW pick. I’m in the mood for dystopian/sci-fi lately, I have high hopes for this one.

2014/03/04 Dangerous by Shannon Hale: I’m putting this book tentatively on the list. My only experience with Shannon Hale so far has been Austenland which was fun, interested to see what she does with YA.

2014/03/04 Let the storm break (Let the sky fall #2) by Shannon Messenger: this is one of my most anticipated reads of March even though I still haven’t read the first book (I’m so behind as usual). Really hope it won’t disappoint.

2014/03/04 Half bad (Half life #1) by Sally Green: a book with witches, modern-day England and a male POV? Yes please!

2014/03/04 Nil by Lynne Matson: this book is brand new to me, but it’s getting some good buzz and the premise sounds really cool. We’ll see.

2014/03/04 The nightmare dilemma (The Arkwell Academy #2) by Mindee Arnett: this is tentatively on the list too, haven’t read the first book yet.

2014/03/04 16 things I thought were true by Janet Gurtler: an interesting sounding contemporary read, and I haven’t read much of that lately.

2014/03/04 Steadfast (Spellcaster #2) by Claudia Gray: I don’t read nearly enough books with witches, and I have high hopes for this one.

2014/03/04 A death-struck year by Makiia Lucier: a YA book about the Spanish influenza. I need more historical fiction, hopefully this one fits the bill.

2014/03/11 Ask again later by Liz Czukas: a fluffy contemporary romance involving a girl, prom and being torn between the jock and the theater geek. Hmm, wonder which one will she choose?

2014/03/11 Ruins (Partials #3) by Dan Wells: I’ve been resisting starting this series so far, but I keep seeing it everywhere, and I might just start it now.

2014/03/11 The shadow prince (Into the dark #1) by Bree Despain: I have to be honest here, I’m not sure I need another Persephone retelling so soon after the Everneath trilogy, but I enjoyed the author’s The dark divine series, so I’m putting it tentatively on the list.

2014/03/11 The mirk and midnight hour by Jane Nickerson: I love fairy tale retellings, and I’ve never read one that’s based on the tale of Tam-Lin. I have high hopes here, please book don’t let me down.

2014/03/11 Promise of shadows by Justina Ireland: a harpy for a main character? Sign me up! And that cover is just gorgeous in its simplicity.

2014/03/11 Liv, forever by Amy Talkington: a great sounding YA mystery with a paranormal element, need more of this.

2014/03/18 Side effects may vary by Julie Murphy: another highly anticipated March release and my very first ‘reverse cancer story’ (are there any others out there?). Promises to be an emotional read with a hopefully happy ending that doesn’t kill me.

2014/03/18 Pretty sly (Pretty crooked #2) by Elisa Ludwig: another fun YA mystery without the paranormal element this time. I’m putting it tentatively on the list.

2014/03/20 Starling (Secrets of the eternal rose #3) by Fiona Paul: this trilogy has been on my radar for quite some time. A paranormal book with a Venice setting? Count me in!

2014/03/25 The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton: another simple and eye-catching cover. I can’t really picture the story based on the blurb, but it sounds different enough to get me interested.

2014/03/25 Nearly gone by Elle Cosimano: this one sounds exciting and the plot reminds me of The body finder series by Kimberly Derting which I liked. We’ll see.


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