My author wishlist 2014

I don’t participate in Top Ten Tuesday, but today’s topic is actually something I’ve been contemplating lately and planned to blog about, so I decided to make a list as well. There are so many popular authors I still haven’t gotten around to, and I promised myself I would read at least one book from the following ones in 2014:

Julie Kagawa

Everywhere I turn, people keep recommending The iron fey series or the Blood of Eden series, but I keep dragging my feet for some inexplicable reason. No more!

J.L. Armentrout

Her Lux series sounds good and it seems to be a huge hit with most bloggers, so I’m putting her on the list.

Libba Bray

Most of Libba Bray’s previous books don’t really seem like something I would truly enjoy (namely the Gemma Doyle trilogy) but I have high hopes for The diviners and I really hope to get to it before the sequel is released.

Courtney Summers

A contemporary YA author I keep hearing great things about. I know many of you don’t read much contemporary (I honestly don’t get that by the way), but I personally love it just as much as fantasy or dystopian.  I already have a copy of This is not a test, and will take it from there.

Ellen Hopkins

Another contemporary author. Her books deal with heavier stuff, and I’m kind of terrified, but I want to start reading things truly out of my comfort zone, and I think she fits the bill.

J.R. Ward

Another author way out of my comfort zone. But the Black Dagger Brother Brotherhood series is actually one I’m excited to start.

Elizabeth Norris

The Unraveling duology seems to divide people. I’ve had more than one blogger trying to discourage me, but it really sounds like something I would like, so I’m giving it a chance anyway. I’m stubborn that way. 🙂 We’ll see.

Michelle Hodkin

Is there anyone who’s read and doesn’t love the Mara Dyer trilogy? If there is, I’ve certainly never met them. I’m dying to start, but I probably won’t until the last book comes out though, so I can binge read them.

Leigh Bardugo

The Grisha trilogy seems another all-around favourite. I’m still not entirely convinced it’s my cup of tea, but I decided to give it a chance this year.

Lauren DeStefano

I’ve had a copy of Wither since it was released, but I keep putting it off. No more.

Jessica Spotswood

The Cahill witch chronicles is one of the lesser known fantasy series, but I’ve been eyeing it since the first book was released. I don’t read nearly as many books dealing with witchcraft as I’d like, and something about this one just sounds so good.

Victoria Schwab

The Archived is another more underrated book on my must read list. The premise sounds truly fascinating, and I have very high hopes for this one.

Deborah Harkness

The All souls trilogy seemed to be everywhere back when the first two books were released, but it didn’t sound like something I would read at the time. I’m more open-minded now, and I’m giving it a chance.

So here is my list. It’s in writing now, so if I failed to review at least one book from each author by the end of this year, feel free to throw virtual things at me. I won’t have any excuses. 🙂

Did I leave anyone out? Would you recommend anyone else?


2 thoughts on “My author wishlist 2014

  1. Nice list, I need to read a few of those myself. I have had a discovery of witches on my shelf since it came out, I put it off at first so I could study in peace, then it just kept getting put off, over 2 years later I still have not yet read it. Not good. I do plan to read it soon. If you have not read Maria V Snyder I suggest you do she is excellent. Also a lesser known author Janice Hardy her Healing Wars series is the second best I have read (Harry Potter being the first). The third book is just as good and exciting as the first which is hard to do.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestions! I’ve heard great things about Maria V. Snyder, but haven’t read anything from her yet. Never heard of Janice Hardy, I will definitely look her up. Thanks for stopping by!

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